Style Cards by Natali Radkevice based on Archetypes


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The Style Cards by Natali Radkevice  are not simply ordinary pictures of different styles. These actually make up a special diagnostic tool, developed by applying very specific knowledge from seemingly very different fields such as fashion, style, psychology and fortune telling.

These cards assist in replying to two questions, generally, answered as, “I don’t know”:

A. What style of clothing do I wear?

B. How do I describe the style into which I want to change?

The development of these cards cost nearly ten years of searching to get to the actual sources and discover true teachers who are the bearers of secrets. The Silk Road and its byways over the Himalayas from India through Tibet to China and Kyrgyzstan comprise just part of its geography. Italy along with the former Greek colonies and their legacies also make up a part but not the final one.

The study of existing cards and their systems took up considerable time-systems include those akin to fortune-telling Tarot cards or metaphoric cards, which the science of psychology recognizes as originating from the Rorschach inkblot test.

All these lead down the road to archetypes and the meaning of our lives, recognition of personal roles in history and down to the moment of a sacred reincarnation, the metamorphosis of a personality.

Style cards were designed to aid women in achieving a personal or objective metamorphosis, although these could be applied for working with men as well. Apparel always reflects a person’s character, even when everyone wears the same uniform. It depends on the way the uniform “fits” on a person, whether it is wrinkled or ideally pressed, grubby or shiny, and on the sorts of added accessories and the areas where they are placed. All these speak about a person, about that persons character thereby opening up like a book for someone who knows how to read it.

Style cards can also be used for simpler purposes such as for understanding the style you choose and why as well as for discovering the style of your own dreams.


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